Sunday, May 31, 2015

Learning for life

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Things have been pretty quiet on this blog over the past few weeks and for this I do apologise and just plead too busy with work, home and learning.

If you have been following over the past 18 months, you may have picked up that was undertaking the online CoETAIL course (Certificate of Education Technology and Information Literacy) which took up much of my brain space and time in completing assignments around normal work and home life commitments.

Well I finally finished it, and thankfully passed. I have another piece of paper to add to my portfolio, and more importantly I have another skill set to work with and few resources to use at another time. The CoETAIL course is an online course focusing on the seamless integration of technology and digital skills into the curriculum and daily lessons. The course forced me to think about my own practise, be open minded to new ideas and to be brave in trying these ideas. (This blog post was about one of the new ideas) It helped me to take a step back and be reflective on what is happening in my teaching and in the school I work in with regards to pedagogy and the digital tools.

I had to set up blog on Wordpress to record blog posts you can see it here - Wagging my Coetail, where throughout most of the course I had to blog weekly either reflecting on readings or new understandings and how this affected my teaching. Although I was already an online communicator, blogger, tweeter, instagrammer, aggregator, curator etc the course did stretch me as I reflected on not only my own experiences, but also those in the cohort, many of whom were newbies to many of the tools and platforms. I was able to read through personal blogs about the learning and growth of others in the cohort and learn of new tools that they use to enhance learning - Aurasma was one of these tools I had not seen in action before and have since used.

If you do want to improve your pedagogy and enhance your knowledge and understanding of how the digital world can enhance learning, do look into doing the CoETAIL course. If you browse Wagging my Coetail, you will have an overview of the course structure and content, and if you want to just learn on your own, subscribe to some of the Coetailer blogs that can be accessed off the front page of the CoETAIL platform. So many inspiring educators doing amazing things! Go forth and learn!!

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